Towing Madison WI

In case of an accident, Towing Madison WI will come to your rescue. Since Wisconsin has heavy snowfall and ice, it’s no wonder that many accidents occur. The towing industry will come to your rescue by getting you out of mud and snowbanks and can help you avoid further damage to your car. Whether you need a tow truck for a short distance or a long distance, there are a number of ways to contact a reputable and professional towing service.

Schmidt’s Auto Inc. is a reputable towing service that provides quick and reliable towing services. Located in Madison, Schmidt’s Auto Inc. has been providing reliable towing service for over 85 years. Their fleet of 30 trucks is fully equipped to handle any towing situation. They also specialize in automotive services and repair, and their experienced operators will arrive at your location quickly and efficiently. Towing Madison WI is included in most car insurance policies, so you’ll be glad to know that you’re covered in case of an accident.

If you’re looking for a reliable towing service, make sure they have 24 Hour emergency service. You never know when you’re going to be in an accident or slide-off. In either case, a towing service will be able to help you fix the problem right on the spot. They will even help you protect your engine from further damage by taking it to the nearest mechanic. It’s a great idea to have a few options ready when something like this happens.