How to Use a Crystal Necklace Heart to Manifest Love and Compassion

How to Use a Crystal Necklace Heart to Manifest Love and Compassion

The heart is a symbol of love and compassion, and a beautiful crystal heart necklace can be the perfect gift for a loved one. You can also use a crystal heart as a healing talisman, helping you overcome obstacles and move forward in your life.

Crystal hearts have a number of benefits, and their shape activates the heart chakra. They help you connect with energy of love, joy, and vitality. Each type of crystal heart has its own unique properties and energies, but all help you connect with your heart space.

Rose quartz is a popular heart crystal because of its soft pink color and feminine energy. It is known to attract love into your life, whether from a romantic partner or platonic friends. It is also known to help you let go of resentment and anger that are causing your heart pain. You can carry or place a rose quartz heart around your neck to bring you a sense of balance and harmony in all relationships.

Amethyst crystal is another heart-shaped stone that provides therapeutic energies. It helps you clear your mind and think more clearly, while promoting serenity and calmness. You can use a piece of amethyst crystal as a meditation aid to bring you peace and help you overcome stress. It is also said to enhance intuition and critical thinking.

Lastly, you can use a Crystal Necklace Heart to release the darker energies in your heart. This is a good stone to work with when you need to move past the facade of “everything’s fine.” Place a rainbow obsidian heart on your chest and take 7 minutes to sit in silence, focusing on any heaviness in your heart that needs to be released. You can then cleanse your heart by rubbing the stone into sage, which will remove any negative energies from your crystal.

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