Teeth-Staining Frequently Asked Questions


Everybody wishes for a healthy, white smile . Multiple factors can cause your teeth to darken, and teeth stains are also one of the most common signs of a dental problem . When many people hear the term “ cosmetic dentistry “, the first thing that comes to mind is teeth whitening. Our goal at 24/7 Local Dentist Group is to provide you with a healthy and beautiful smile. 24/7 Local Dentist Group is here to provide the best teeth whitening we have to offer, whether you are a long-term tobacco smoker, a caffeine drinker with stained teeth, or simply want to improve your smile.


We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about teeth stains and whitening from dental patients.

1.      What Foods and Drinks Can Cause Teeth Stains?

Foods that are bright in color are the most likely to discolor your teeth. Red pasta sauces, berries like blueberries and raspberries, and vibrant curries can all stain your teeth. Brightly colored drinks, like foods, are more likely to discolor teeth. Avoid red wine, coffee, tea, and even dark-colored sodas such as colas. You don’t have to eliminate these foods and drinks; just limit your consumption.

2.      What are the different kinds of tooth discoloration?


Teeth staining can be divided into two types. They are:


Extrinsic stains: These occur on the surface of the teeth, i.e., on the tooth enamel. It is caused by plaque build-up on the outside of your teeth, particularly from pigmented foods and drinks such as red wine, dark cold drinks, coffee, and tea. Extrinsic staining can also be caused by smoking or chewing tobacco because they contain nicotine and tar, which can easily penetrate the pores of your tooth enamel.

Intrinsic stains: These take place underneath the enamel of the teeth. They happen because of dental trauma, tooth decay, or disease in your teeth, which allows the dentin to become more visible. Dentin is the yellow or brownish tissue layer beneath your enamel. Your enamel also thins with age, allowing more dentin to show through.

3.      What can I do to prevent stains on my teeth?


A few lifestyle changes can help you avoid tooth discoloration. Consider quitting smoking and reducing your coffee and tea consumption. Maintain good oral hygiene by flossing once a day, brushing at least twice a day, using mouthwash daily, avoiding stain-causing foods, and chewing sugar-free gum between meals. If you must drink stain-causing beverages, use a straw to reduce contact between the beverage and your teeth. Also, visit the dentist every six months to have your teeth professionally cleaned.


4.      Does tea cause tooth stains?

Yes, the answer is yes. Teas of all colors have been shown to erode enamel and stain teeth—even white and green teas, which are more likely to stain your teeth than coffee due to their higher tannin content. Green tea leaves a dull gray stain on teeth, while black tea leaves a yellowish stain. Herbal teas, like chamomile and hibiscus, can also cause tooth stains and discoloration if consumed regularly over time. Using a straw to drink coffee or tea reduces the staining effect significantly.

5.      Is charcoal useful for removing tooth stains?


You could try using charcoal for teeth whitening because, due to its abrasive nature, activated charcoal may remove some stains from the enamel (the first layer of the teeth).  Although charcoal has many useful applications, its effectiveness in teeth whitening has not been clinically proven.


6.      Do braces stain your teeth?


Teeth do not get stained by the braces themselves. However, braces make brushing and flossing more difficult and, as a result, plaque and tartar can accumulate in the nooks and crannies between the teeth and the brace itself. This type of build-up can cause stains. Mild stains may be visible after braces are removed, but the braces do not cause them. Your dentist can advise you on the best method to remove these stains.  You should always take extra care of your teeth while wearing braces and avoid using whitening solutions.


7.      How effective are home whitening products?


The desire to experiment with DIY home whitening is understandable. There are various teeth whitening products on the market, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and pricing. Even though some popular whitening products will give you the results you want, no matter what you use to whiten your teeth at home, you won’t get the same result that a dentist can deliver with in-office whitening. Since your dentist’s teeth cleaning and bleaching methods are far more effective than DIY kits, professional whitening should be your first choice for the best result.


8.      Is it possible to whiten your teeth permanently?


Oh, no, sadly. The whitening products you use on your teeth may act quickly, but their effect will not last forever. All teeth whitening options provide a temporary solution to the problem of discolored teeth. The more you use your teeth, especially to eat, the more the whitening effect fades. Since staining will occur over time, be prepared to repeat the process after a while. The durability of professional teeth whitening is largely dependent on how well you care for your teeth.


9.      How do you extend the life of your teeth whitening procedure?

10. Can you whiten dental restorations like crowns or veneers?


The short answer is “no.” Dental restorations, such as bonding , veneers, crowns , bridges , dentures , or implants , cannot be whitened because they are made of artificial materials, usually porcelain, which makes it effectively impossible to whiten once they are in your mouth. Whitening teeth can only be done on natural enamel teeth. If you are going to get a dental restoration, to ensure an ideal shade match, whiten your teeth before obtaining your crown. Although porcelain crowns are stain-resistant, dark liquids like coffee can stain them over time. When you notice a change in the color of your dental restoration, it is best to schedule an appointment with your dentist to review what options are available.



Some teeth stains are uncontrollable, such as age or childhood accidents, that disrupt the development of our tooth enamel. No matter what kind of staining you have on your teeth, 24/7 Local Dentist Group has a variety of secure treatment options that can help you get back your gorgeous, white smile. We recommend discussing any plans for teeth whitening with your dentist before making a decision. Contact us today if you have any questions, or would like to set up a consultation with one of our dental specialists . To schedule an appointment , call 24/7 Local Dentist Group at (833) 220-2448.


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Why Do I Have Yellow Teeth?


Before we get into the reasons why teeth appear yellow, we must first understand the natural translucency of our enamel. Despite our obsession with whiter teeth, most healthy teeth have a light-yellow hue. Enamel covers the surface of every tooth and has a natural white color., but, the underlying dentin layer is slightly yellowish. This yellowish hue can be seen through the enamel in almost everyone, but it is more noticeable in those individuals who have naturally thinner or more translucent enamel. A plethora of tooth whitening products have hit the market in recent years, each promising a brighter, whiter smile. And, while most people believe that a whiter smile indicates healthier teeth, this is a myth created by advertising companies, not dentists.


The reasons for yellow teeth or tooth discoloration can be mainly classified into three categories.

There are other reasons as well for tooth discoloration, as explained below:


Healthy teeth are typically off-white or slightly yellow and, as you age, gradually darken. However, if you notice brown, black, or green stains on your teeth, you may have a chronic condition that requires a thorough dental cleaning . Call

24/7 Local Dentist

Group at (833) 220-2448  to schedule an appointment today . We will help determine the cause of your tooth discoloration and the best treatment option for you.


Wisdom Teeth: What are they and when to remove them?

The third molars at the back of your mouth are called wisdom teeth. If they are healthy, fully grown and perfectly aligned, they cause no practical problems. It is always advised to ask your dentist’s opinion before concluding whether you have healthy wisdom teeth or if your wisdom teeth may cause potential issues in the future.

Wisdom teeth often lack space to grow, causing pain, hindered growth, and other problems, including angulated growth (tooth growth at various angles in the jaw). Despite not causing pain, wisdom teeth can cause other complications. You may consider the following to determine if you need to visit the dentist:

When can you expect a wisdom tooth extraction?


Dentists will recommend removing a wisdom tooth depending on various factors like infection, X-ray reports, and physiological reasons like extreme pain or insufficient space. You can also expect tooth extractions for the following reasons:



Wisdom tooth removal surgery takes less than an hour and may result in some discomfort afterward. There are some short-term alternatives to having surgery to address wisdom teeth issues, such as pain relievers and antibiotics. Surgical removal, on the other hand, is usually the best option. Wisdom tooth removal may cause some swelling for a few days, however, once the area has healed, you will notice no difference in your face or appearance. The most important advantage of a wisdom tooth extraction is that it lowers the risk of future oral health problems such as gum disease , tooth decay, damage to adjacent teeth, bone loss, and jaw damage.



If impacted wisdom teeth are left untreated, they could lead to more severe oral infections. Even if wisdom teeth emerge normally without any problems, their removal is still advised by dentists to prevent further dental problems . Wisdom teeth are also more likely than other teeth to develop cavities. They are located in the back of the mouth and can be difficult to reach. Since many people have difficulty properly brushing and flossing the area, wisdom teeth can develop cavities faster than other teeth.



When dealing with wisdom teeth, it is best to see a dentist right away rather than relying on temporary solutions if you are in pain. We understand that many patients are afraid of the dentist and have dental anxiety. We can help you through the process. If you’re scared of the dentist and want to sleep through your dental procedure , call 24/7 Local Dentist Group at (833) 220-2448  today to schedule an appointment .


What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?


Going to the dentist can be frightening, especially if you suffer from dental anxiety . A dental cleaning is a straightforward procedure, but it can cause some people anxiety because of the odd noises and the thought of being in pain. On the other hand, being aware of what happens during the procedure will help you feel less anxious. In this blog, we break down the primary teeth-cleaning steps for your next visit.



Before we start, let’s discuss the advantages of having your teeth cleaned. Everyone needs regular dental cleanings to prevent and detect gum disease , tooth decay, and oral cancer before they become serious. Apart from cleaning your teeth thoroughly by a professional dental hygienist, here are four other advantages of dental cleaning:


Early Detection of Oral Health Issues


The hygienist can detect early signs of problems, such as broken fillings and fractures, during professional teeth cleaning. If there are any infections, the hygienist will work with the dentist to use x-rays and an inspection of the mouth to find out the extent of the infection. Regular dental cleanings can help you avoid gum disease and tooth decay before they cause cavities and require a root canal or dental implant .


Prevent Plaque, Cavities, and Tartar Build-up

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on your teeth after you eat or drink something. It can also build up underneath the gums on tooth roots and weaken the bones that support teeth. If plaque builds up, it will harden into tartar and become difficult to remove, eventually causing tooth decay. The bacteria in plaque produce acids that eat away your tooth enamel, causing cavities.

Reduced Halitosis


Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be embarrassing and even cause anxiety in some people. Dental problems or plaque carries foul-smelling bacteria that can cause bad breath over time. The hygienist will clean areas where food particles compile and remove any bacteria from your mouth during a dental cleaning. A professional dental cleaning deeply cleans the entire mouth, which can help reduce bad breath.


Enhance Your Overall Wellbeing

Your overall health and your oral health are interlinked. Several potentially fatal diseases, including cardiovascular disease, are linked to poor oral health. Toothaches can also lead to migraines and insomnia. When tooth decay goes untreated for an extended period, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and lungs, causing endocarditis and airway inflammation.


Poor oral health affects other aspects of our health. It’s essential to 

schedule a professional dental cleaning

session to identify problems early on and help you maintain a happy smile, along with good overall health.


The steps of professional teeth cleaning:

The first step is a physical examination of your entire mouth. The hygienist uses a mirror to inspect all areas of your mouth for signs of gingivitis (inflamed gums), potential cavities, or other issues.

Most dental check-ups include digital x-rays of your teeth and gums to look for tooth decay, bone loss, gum disease, and oral abnormalities. This step is not always required, but it is done periodically because it allows your hygienist to assess your oral health.

Next, the hygienist will use a scale to remove tartar from under and above the gum line of your teeth. You will hear scraping sounds on your teeth at this point. The amount of tartar on the teeth determines the duration of the scraping: the more tartar there is, the longer it will take to scrape a specific area. If you have gingivitis (or gum disease), your gums may bleed after tartar removal, and your mouth may feel slightly sore.

The next step is dental polishing. It makes teeth look cleaner and brighter, but does not whiten teeth. The hygienist will deep clean your teeth using gritty toothpaste on a high-powered electric brush to scrub and polish the teeth more effectively. This step makes a whirring noise.

This step will be familiar to you. The hygienist will carefully place a piece of floss deeply between your teeth and gums to remove any loose plaque from any areas between the teeth. Professional flossing removes any remnant of plaque or toothpaste from earlier in the cleaning process and is followed by you rinsing your mouth to remove any remaining debris, residue, or toothpaste.


The next step is for your hygienist to apply a fluoride treatment on your teeth to protect their teeth from cavities . The fluoride treatment could be in the form of paste, gel, or foam applied to the teeth for one minute or until completely absorbed. Your hygienist may apply a fluoride varnish to add a layer of defense.


Once your teeth are clean, your dentist may come in and may perform a final examination to check for grinding issues and tooth alignment. Your dentist will also look for signs of gum disease, such as redness and inflammation. If you have any questions or concerns, your hygienist or dentist will address them at this point.

Tips to stay calm

Discuss your nervousness with the hygienist

Expressing concern about your dental anxiety helps you to calm down, allowing the hygienist to go above and beyond to ensure comfort. They may develop a hand signaling system, so patients can communicate when they are in excruciating pain or need a break.

Try to schedule the appointment in the morning

Early morning appointments are ideal because there will be fewer people and a calm start to the day, making it easier to get through the session.

Bring a friend along with you

Ask a loved one to accompany you to your appointment; their presence can make you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed and help calm your mind.


Professional dental cleanings can remarkably improve your overall health. The dental specialists at

24/7 Local Dentist

Group are skilled, seasoned, professionals who have been making smiles great since 1968. Our main goal is to maintain good oral health by detecting early signs of dental cavities, gingivitis, and oral cancers. Plan a professional cleaning for your teeth every six months to help stop gum disease and tooth decay in their tracks. Have you gotten your teeth cleaned this year? If you haven’t, then it’s time to have it done. Call

(833) 220-2448

  today to schedule an appointmen t with Cunning Dental Group for your dental cleaning.


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If you’re in Houston and you need locksmith services, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of trusted companies. One of the best companies that can provide these services is Flying Locksmiths. The company has been providing quality workmanship for over 70 years. They’re also committed to customer service and stay true to their family values.

You may want to take advantage of their 24-hour lock services if you find yourself locked out of your home at an inopportune time. In addition, you might need to have them replace locks, upgrade your security, or repair broken ones.

These services are offered by certified and licensed locksmiths. These professionals have a wide variety of tools and security technologies. Their services can include installing new locks, replacing old ones, and even re-keying.

They can help you keep your business safe. With an updated security system, you’ll have more time to focus on your business and your family. Having a good security system can also ease your mind.

In addition to their residential and commercial services, the Flying Locksmiths offer keycard security camera systems and lockdown solutions. For larger businesses, they can plan and install intercoms and other security equipment.

Having a smart lock adds another layer of security to your property. These systems can be operated through smartphone apps. A certified and licensed Locksmith in Houston TX can upgrade your system and connect new keypad locks to your existing security system.

With the help of Flying Locksmiths, you’ll have peace of mind. You’ll be able to protect your physical plant and the valuable information that is stored there. This way, you can maintain your integrity and be more secure.

Get Locksmith Houston
If you’re locked out of your home or car, it’s important to hire a trusted locksmith. Getting the help of a professional can prevent costly damages and complications. By hiring a reliable company, you can ensure that your problem is handled professionally, quickly, and at an affordable price. Whether you need a lockout service or commercial security systems, you can count on the expertise of the experienced team at Get Locksmith Houston.

While you’re looking for a reputable and trustworthy Locksmith in Houston TX in your area, it’s important to pay attention to how they answer your call. Some local companies use hard-selling techniques, or make you feel like you’re being scammed. Instead, you should approach the company with a clear idea of your problem and ask for a quote.

Get Locksmith Houston is dedicated to providing professional, affordable, and courteous service. They also focus on security as their top priority. Their technicians are available for any emergency situation you may experience. Moreover, their agents are licensed, bonded, and insured. These are a testament to their professionalism.

When you’re in a hurry, you want to get your problem solved as quickly as possible. That’s why you need a company that has an advanced locksmithing system and offers services to businesses and residential properties. Having a reputable company in your area can be the best thing you can do. Plus, it can make you feel more confident.

Choosing a trusted Locksmith in Houston TX will allow you to focus on other aspects of your life. With a new system, you can focus on your business, family, and other obligations while feeling comfortable about your safety. The experts at Get Locksmith Houston are trained to provide the best solutions for your needs.

A&M Locksmith
If you live in Houston, Texas and are looking for a locksmith, then A&M Locksmith, LLC is a company that you can turn to. They provide 24-hour emergency services for people in need of help. Having a locksmith service that you can call on for your lockout needs is essential, since most of the time you’ll be locked out when you need it most.

The good news is that this company does a pretty good job of getting the job done. You can find out more about their service and how they do it by reading reviews online. Typically, they get an average rating of 5 stars. However, it is important to remember that not every review is positive. Some may highlight their shady practices or lack of professionalism. So, take the time to read through the reviews and decide for yourself.

The A&M Locksmith in Houston TX has received one review. This one was positive and was written by someone who got their job done. Another review stated that the company’s prices were reasonable. It was also mentioned that they do a good job of offering training for individuals who need it.

The company also does a lot of marketing. They attend at least a dozen trade shows, from California to Massachusetts. Additionally, they employ three instructors and support training and association initiatives. In addition to classroom training, they are committed to providing actual hands-on experience and related assistance. That is a pretty impressive feat.

Finally, the company pays average hourly wages of $1,450. However, it is important to note that individual pay rates will vary depending on the skill and experience of each employee.

HQD Cuvie Plus Disposable E Cigarettes & Vaporizers

HQD Cuvie Plus is a powerful, all natural, organic, sugar free, gluten free, low calorie, low fat, non-GMO, non-soy product that is safe for kids and adults. It can help improve memory, concentration and focus, as well as fight stress and anxiety. This supplement is also a great addition to any diet.

Mango Guava

If you are looking for a sexy vape that will last for ages then you have come to the right place. The HQD Cuvie Plus is a 1200 puff disposable pod device that is sure to tickle the tastebuds. It may be small in stature but it packs a big punch in the flavor department. With 22 different e-liquid flavors, you are sure to find one that fits your fancy.

Unlike some of its more pedestrian competitors, the HQD Cuvie Plus has all the bells and whistles you can imagine. The battery is 950 mAh and it has a battery life of around a day depending on your usage. The most interesting aspect of the device is the fact that it uses a proprietary patented reflowable refillable pod system. This allows for quick and easy changes in juices without the need for a battery change.

The HQD Cuvie is not for the faint of heart, but for those who have the will power, it is the perfect device to kick the nicotine habit. Not only does it have a large variety of e-liquid flavors, it also offers a more impressive number of hits per pod.


If you are looking for a disposable vape that is easy to use, you should check out HQD Cuvie Plus. This device is a step up from the original HQD cuvie and is perfect for intermediate vapers. The device is also designed to produce consistent vapor production. It is powered by a 950 mah battery.

HQD Cuvie Plus is a ground breaking disposable pod that provides a satisfying vaping experience. You can find HQD Cuvie Plus at many brick and mortar stores and on the manufacturer’s website.

HQD Cuvie Plus has a comfortable mouthpiece. Also, it features an airflow system to help you customize your vaping experience.

HQD Cuvie Plus has 38 different flavors. Some of the most popular include POG Orange Guava, Mango Peach, Pina Colada, and Honeycrisp Apple. HQD Cuvie Plus is available in nicotine levels ranging from 5mg to 15mg.

HQD Tech USA has recently added new flavors to its HQD Cuvie Plus line. These include Black Ice, a deep blackberry flavor, and Kiwi Pomegranate, a tropical fruit blend. Purchasing HQD cuvie plus directly from the manufacturer is a great way to ensure a quality product.

Lush Ice

If you are looking for a disposable e-cigarette that is both compact and has amazing capacity, the Cuvie Plus Lush Ice Vape is the answer. With a 5.0ml e-liquid, this device has a rich flavour and delivers over 1,200 puffs. It is also great for beginners because it is easy to use.

The HQD Cuvie Plus Lush Ice has an impressive 1.8 ohm coil that improves the flavor and vapour output. Also, the device has a battery that lasts for more than an hour.

Another interesting feature of this vape is the fact that it produces a wide range of different flavors. In fact, it offers 54 different e-liquids. And it is easy to find the perfect match for you.

Besides the oh-so-important 1.8 ohm coil, the HQD Cuvie Plus also has a 950 mAh battery, which means you can enjoy it for a full day without recharging. It also has a nice design and comes with a boquilla.

Black Ice

The HQD Cuvie Plus Black Ice Disposable Vape is one of the best selling products from the e-cigarette manufacturer. This vape features a powerful 950mAh battery, which makes it last for 1200 puffs. You can choose from a wide variety of flavors, such as Blueberry-Raspberry, Deep Blackberry, Cantaloupe, and a number of others.

The HQD Cuvie Plus Black Ice is a great vape for beginners as well as veterans. It is small, easy to use, and has a wide range of flavors. Aside from its high quality e-juice, it also has a draw-activated vaporizer that is pre-filled with salt nicotine e-liquid.

Another reason why the HQD Cuvie Plus Black Ice Disposable vape is popular is that it comes in a variety of flavours. Among these, you can find sweet cantaloupe and juicy cantaloupe. However, the most common and popular among its flavors is Black Ice. In addition to being black, the ice flavour is a blend of sladkim, kholodnym mentolom, nasyshchennym vkusom, lesnaia ezhevika, terpkim, and black leather.