Cleaning Services in Toledo, OH

Housekeeping services include dusting and vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning upholstery, washing windows and disinfecting high-touch surfaces. They can also take care of the laundry and dishes. The resulting clean space improves comfort, productivity and hygiene.

Optimum Cleaning Solutions caters to clients in Toledo and the surrounding areas. Its team uses industry-standard sanitizing techniques to remove contaminants from office spaces.

A Clean Experience

When it comes to clogged drain Cleaning Services in Toledo OH residents can trust T&J Rooter. Their team of professionals use advanced technology and specialized equipment to clean pipes thoroughly and quickly. They also offer a variety of preventative maintenance services.

The cleaning company provides a wide range of residential and commercial cleaning services, including regular, one-time, and move-in and move-out cleaning. Its staff also disinfects surfaces and cleans air vents. They use electrostatic spray and high-pressure aerosol spray disinfection to eliminate germs.

Servpro of Toledo Southwest is an IICRC-certified professional cleaning service that serves residential and commercial clients in the Toledo area. It offers carpet, upholstery, and hard surface cleaning services, as well as power washing. Its employees undergo thorough background checks and in-person interviews.

Servpro of Toledo Southwest

Servpro of Toledo Southwest serves offices in the metro and nearby areas with janitorial housekeeping options that are tailored to their needs. Its team sanitizes restrooms to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and completes odor control projects. It also performs day porter and carpet care tasks. The company has experience with cleaning biohazard waste and crime scenes. It is a member of the Building Service Contractors Association International.

Known as “The Glass City”, Toledo is a diverse and vibrant community that welcomes visitors and new residents alike. The region is home to a variety of attractions, including minor league baseball games and Tony Packo’s cafe.

Clean Team

Clean Team is the top commercial janitorial cleaning service in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They offer cleaning services from hospitals and dental facilities, to schools, industrial warehouses, and offices. Their proactive client facility and consistent status make them the best in the industry.

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Toledo’s Best Cleaning Solutions LLC

Toledo’s Best Cleaning Solutions LLC offers a range of residential and commercial cleaning services. The firm wipes windows and surfaces, vacuums carpets and upholstery, and disinfects high-touch areas. It also sanitizes restrooms and kitchens. Its professionals have more than 10 years of experience.

Optimum Cleaning Solutions has been serving businesses and property owners in the area since 1980. Its janitorial services cover offices, daycare centers, fitness centers, schools, and churches. Its employees use a Victory spray gun to clean hard-to-reach areas and electrical conduits.

Core Tech Cleaning Solutions serves various types of businesses in the Toledo metro. Its office cleaning programs include daily janitorial housekeeping options and electrostatic spray disinfection packages. Its team disinfects restrooms, kitchens, and common spaces and provides odor control tasks.

Core Tech Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning and maintenance work helps keep industrial spaces clean and safe for workers. Large areas that have a lot of daily traffic, such as warehouses and production facilities, accumulate dirt and debris. This can result in costly OSHA safety violations. These areas require regular Ohio high ceiling cleaning services to avoid dust accumulation and maintain a healthy workplace environment.

Core Tech Cleaning Solutions offers weekly janitorial housekeeping options that are tailored to each client’s needs. They also offer electrostatic spray disinfection packages to help prevent the spread of viruses. Their service team disinfects restrooms, kitchens, and lounge areas as well as high-touch surfaces. They also wash windows and empty trash bins.